-A Brief Guide to understanding the
ad hoc NO_WEHAV Opposition
and the Neighborhood Improvement District Termination Request Action -
[Cover Letter to Pittsburgh City Council members - 26 May 2004]

To: The President and Members of Pittsburgh City Council
From: Paul J. Sentner --[address]-- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Subject: personal plea for your attention, commonsense, and fairness.
Date: May 26, 2004

Dear Councilmember,

This is about the matter of the July 2002 District 2 Neighborhood Improvement District
and its WEHAV home equity insurance operation.

Whether or not you were on Council in July 2002; whether you voted for or against Bill No.5-2002;
whether or not you are Mr. Hertzberg, or a friend of Mr. Hertzberg,
whether or not you owe anyone, or anyone owes you, a favor, a payback, an allegiance;
regardless of your politics, aspirations, and/or opinion about and regarding this matter,

I ask you to look beyond theories and assumptions about the validity of home equity insurance.
I ask you to look at the procedures by which this neighborhood improvement district came to be established.

It was the first residential improvement district in the State under the December 2000 NID Act.
The NID Act itself requires unraveling to understand and then to implement. The Act itself needs revision.

It took unraveling the Act, for me to realize during the last weekend of June 2002 that vital procedures of the Act had not been fulfilled when Bill No.5 was brought out of committee at that time, for Council vote on July 2, 2002.

Although other affected owners had earlier brought other details to Council's attention, I brought my discovery with documentation to Council members on July 1, and again on July 2, 2002, nevertheless Bill No.5 was passed.

As of the middle of this month (May 2004) more than 4,300 owners of more than 3,200 properties have
individually completed and turned in to the ad hoc NO_WEHAV Opposition a request for termination of this NID, the NID managing authority, and the WEHAV operation. Forms continue to come in.

If all goes well, that Request for Termination of the NID will be briefly and clearly presented to Council on June 2.
It will be up to you, as a current member of Council to approve the Termination Request.

To assist you and your staff in understanding what the very wide-spread opposition and hub-bub is about,
here is a Brief Guide which includes facts in the public record, some of my comments, and some exhibits to whet your appetite for knowledge and solution of this matter which is not going to go away and will nag Council until
the NID is officially terminated, or Bill No.5-2002 is repealed, if that is an option for Council.

This is a plea for your attention to the facts and details which reveal the errors in establishing the NID.
This is not to call anyone names, not to lay blame, not to get revenge.
It is a plea for justice, for fairness, for doing the right thing, for correcting error when discovered.
It is a plea for your attention to the matter of democracy, to the practice of government of, by, and for the people,
as we determine -not as it might be imposed upon us, you included.

As an elected legislator of the City of Pittsburgh, you owe it to the people of Pittsburgh to discover the facts,
and you owe it to us and to yourself to step up and correct this matter by closing down this improperly-established neighborhood improvement district, this time around.

If I can be of any assistance in helping you resolve this matter, please let me know.

Sincerely yours,

Paul J. Sentner

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