an Open Letter to Pittsburgh City Council - 15 January 2003
Nine copies of this "open letter" were delivered to the City Clerk for City Council members Wednesday afternoon, Jan. 15, the day of the hearing on the Mayor's intention to transfer $150,000 of, I believe, the Mayor's discretionary Federal UDAG funds to the West Pittsburgh Partnership CDC (formerly the West End-Elliott Joint Project CDC) for start-up of the WeHav plan.

This open letter was generated out of frustration over the blanket of silence that seems to have cloaked all of the media about the blatant disregard of the State law in passage of Bill No.5 on July 2, 2002.

My thinking was, and is, that if Council members each personally are confronted with a few simple questions, and IF they seek accurate answers, each will be put in the position of PERHAPS considering their personal integrity, and doing the right thing by voting against the $150,000 transfer.

I admit I would rather believe that all but one of them are still ignorant of the essentials of this matter, than believe they are collectively so inept or have such contempt for the law and the will of the unquestionable majority of the residential property owners in District 2.

These questions, publicly asked in writing, IF ACCURATELY ANSWERED give each member personally a way to begin to correct the July 2 error in passing Bill No. 5, if for no other reason than to protect their own political butt.

IF there will ever be an informed media exposure of questions such as these, and thence ideally of the whole NID-WeHav scheme, it could add weight to the circumstances of Jack Peth's lawsuit, and to Council's actions when we present the formal Request for Termination of the NID.

On Jan. 16, 2003 the open letter was e-mailed to all the local print media, and KQV-Radio News, on Jan. 17, I was told it had been FAXed around a bit, and then I think to the TV stations.

The truth IS out there, it would be helpful if someone could get the information up into the wind where the people of Pittsburgh could see it.

District 2 is a declared "test" for this whole scheme. If this type of irresponsible behavior by the City and Council isn't stopped here, the rest of the City is next.

Feel free to utilize the Open Letter, as you might have an idea to do.

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