re: John Peth's lawsuit 

30 October 2002 ---------------
On September 18, 2002 John Peth of Crafton Heights had a meeting with an attorney who is experienced with municipal law. Jack presented a package of WeHav information, and at that meeting Jack hired the attorney to make a preliminary investigation to see if a case could be made against the City for the enactment of Bill No.5.

Jack has signed a contract with this attorney to bring action against the City on Jack's behalf, and he expects to carry the full cost of this legal action.

The attorney has expressed his interest in having a one-hour meeting to discuss the merits of the case, especially for those potentially interested in lending their names to the lawsuit.
This meeting has been set for
               7:30 pm  -  Wednesday November 6,
            at Sheraden Commuity Presbyterian Church
               Adon and Allendale streets, off of Chartiers Ave.   click for a map

This is not to be a meeting of several hundred people, each with their own axe to grind, but a focused discussion of the actionable items in Bill No. 5.
The basic NID legislation [Pa. State HB1142enacted /Act of 2000, P.L. 949, No.130]
will not be challenged in this lawsuit.

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mid-December 2002 ---------------

The lawsuit has been filed.
Inquiries should be directed to :

Dwight D. Ferguson
Hollinshead Mendelson Bresnhan & Nixon P.C.
2901 Grant Building

Phone: 412-355-7070

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