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a bit of Home equity insurance/assurance history (Illinois)
Pennsylvania State House Bill 1142 - Neighborhood Improvement Districts -


..here's a .PDF file of HB1142,
obtained from the above link in 2002 [45 KB]   

Feb. 2002 City of Pittsburgh Bill No. 5-2002 [NID/WeHav] Public Notice
April 2002 Archive of update postings
6 June 2002 article:"WeHav, Neighborhood Improvement Districts, and No-vote_ing"
27 June2002 letter to City Council from a Crafton Heights resident
30 June2002 mapping (dissecting) HB1142
12 July2002 essay: "Aren't law-makers supposed to follow the law when making laws?"
15 July2002 food for thought about legal challenges -from a Westwood resident
28 July2002 revealing chart comparing homeq programs in other states.
10Sept.2002 essay: "A look behind WeHav" - .doc file[29K] .pdf [24K]
19Sept.2002 "An ad hoc coalition of residents..." re: Termination    .doc [14K]     .pdf [9K]
6 Sept.2002 September 6, 2002 Volume 2, Number 47
Allegheny Institute for Public Policy: the NID law (Act2000-130)  .pdf [115K]
19Sept.2002 September 19, 2002 Volume 2, Number 48
Allegheny Institute for Public Policy : the Pittsburgh WeHav plan  .pdf [110K]
15 Jan. 2003 Open Letter to Pittsburgh City Council - re: $150,000 transfer to WPP -
13 Feb.2003  the ANSWERS to questions posed in Jan. 15, 2003 Open Letter to Council. 
30 Jan.2003 13-page "WEHAV Board By-laws for Public View"      .pdf file  [989K]
5 Feb. 2003 Sunshine Act Alert   - re: the WEHAV Board by-laws.
17 Feb. 2003 a link to the February 17 Post Gazette article  <click>
July 2003 the WEHAV "appraisal-policy"
and notice of 17 July 2003 meeting at the Sheraden Seniors' Center

July 2003 WEHAV-tax "Invoice"owners began receiving the weekend of 12 July 2003
comparison of a City of Pittsburgh Tax Statement envelope - and - the WEHAV-tax envelope
23 October 2003 Today a "past due" notice arrived to those who have refused to pay the WEHAV tax/"fee". It includes a bit of propaganda pitch for WEHAV & WEHAV-promoter Councilman Hertzberg's once-denied frivolous lawsuit against the City over the closing of the Zone 4 Police Station...
2 September
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette coverage of 1 September 2004 Pittsburgh City Council discussion and preliminary vote on the 2 June 2004 NID/WE-HAV Termination Request.
21 Sept.
Notification of Termination from the City Clerk.
20 October
From the City Clerk's Office: Resolution 591-2005 amending 446-2004
providing a full $20 refund to those who paid the illegitimateWEHAV tax.

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