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February 2002 City of Pittsburgh Bill No. 5 (2002) Public Notice

- Pittsburgh City Council Bill No. 5 -2002 [NID/WeHav] Public Notice -
 ..mailed to the addresses of many, but not all,
of the to-be-affected addresses,
not to the owners' names, nor to the name of any lessees.       
December 2002

Pennsylvania State House Bill 1142 - Neighborhood Improvement Districts -

- the Pennsylvania neighborhood improvement districts [NID] law -

HB1142 enacted/Act 2000-130

PDF file of HB1142,
obtained from the above link in 2002 [45 KB]   

Archive of texts of "update" postings to this website
- beginning the week of 14 april 2002.
6 June 2002 WeHav, Neighborhood Improvement Districts, and No-vote_ing
PULP weekly paper - essay/article [original full text]
27 June 2002 letter to City Council from a Crafton Heights resident
delivered prior to July2 vote on passage of Bill No. 5
30 June 2002 Mapping HB1142
draft of a personal research tool dissecting the HB text,
use of which first revealed to me non-compliances with the NID law.    (pjs)
12 July 2002 essay - "Aren't law-makers supposed to follow the law when making laws?"
re: the passage of Bill No.5 in July 2002
15 July 2002 Food for thought about legal challenges   -   from a Westwood resident.
28 July 2002 a bit of Home equity insurance/assurance history
re: the Illinois State home eq law, etc.
a revealing chart comparing homeq programs in other states
compiled in a study conducted for the organization "10,000 Pennsylvanians."
10September 2002 essay - "A look behind WeHav" -  
about the State NID law hidden behind and underlaying theWeHav plan.
.doc file [29K]    .pdf file [24K]
19September 2002 "...An ad hoc coalition of residents..."
commentary describing the Termination Request ACTION
 .doc file[14K]         .pdf [9K]
September 6, 2002 Volume 2, Number 47         Allegheny Institute for Public Policy
- think-tank looks at the Pa. NID law - Act 2000-130                  .pdf file [115K]    
September 19, 2002 Volume 2, Number 48          Allegheny Institute for Public Policy
- think-tank looks at the Pittsburgh WeHav plan                       .pdf  file [110K]
15 January 2003 Open Letter delivered to Pittsburgh City Council -
 -asking Council members to find their own answers to a series of questions,
which would reveal to each member some of the facts why they should not transfer $150,000 of City funds to the "illegitmately-designated" managing authority (the NIDMA) of the "illigitimately-established" District 2 NID for start-up of the WeHav plan.                  
13 February 2003  ANSWERS to the Jan.15 Open Letter to Pittsburgh City Council, 
-answers all Council members should know,
and despite which, they unanimously agreed to transfer the funds.
30 January
13-page "WEHAV Board By-laws for Public View",
noted in WEHAV's letter to property owners, the week of 26 January 2003;
to be approved at a public meeting in Sheraden on February 6.
.pdf file  [989K]
5 February 2003 Sunshine Act Alert
relating to various aspects of the WEHAV by-laws.
17 Feb. 2003 a link to the February 17 Post Gazette article  <click>
July 2003 the WEHAV "appraisal-policy"
and notice of 17 July 2003 meeting at the Sheraden Seniors' Center.

Note that this "appraisal-policy" has changes from the Feb. 2002 Bill No.5 Public Notice documents, and if there were a Final Plan, these changes would not be permitted without "concurrence with the owners of at least 60% of the property owners within the NID" [Section 5 of the NID law.]
This "appraisal-policy" is illegitimate.
July 2003 WEHAV-tax "Invoice"owners began receiving the weekend of 12 July 2003
comparison of a City of Pittsburgh Tax Statement envelope - and the WEHAV-tax envelope

23 October 2003 ex tor tion 1. an obtaining of money, etc. by threats, force,fraud, or illegal use of authority. 2. money, promise, etc., obtained in this way.

Today a "past due" notice arrived to those who have refused to pay the WEHAV tax/"fee". It includes a bit of propaganda pitch for WEHAV & WEHAV-promoter Councilman Hertzberg's once-denied grandstanding frivolous lawsuit against the City in "defense" of the Zone 4 Station;
(take note that the Councilman is running for a County judgeship in next week's election.)
That lawsuit claims the City is not adhering to the very State NID law (Act 130-2000) which the City AND the Councilman have been ignoring all along in illegitimately establishing and starting up the District 2 NID and WEHAV.

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